How to Use Dreambox on an Existing Dish Network Setup,Dreambox 500SDreambox satellite receiver Dreambox DM500,dreambox dm8000,openbox s10,s11,s12,azbox,S810b.

The Dreambox is a Linux-based satellite receiver, designed to function with FTA (free-to-air) satellite systems. FTA is a free subscription network used to obtain unscrambled satellite signals, similar to how an antenna receives unscrambled television signals. With the Dreambox you are able to use the satellite receiver with any satellite configuration, including Dish Network. However, because the receiver accepts different satellite signals, you are going to obtain different television programming.This is mainly due to Dish Network receivers accepting scrambled satellite signals while Dreambox receivers only accept unscrambled signals.


Plug the coaxial cable running from the Dish Network satellite dish into the "In" port on the rear of the Dreambox.

Insert the RCA audio/video cables into the "Video Out" Ports on the Dreambox receiver. These are the same cables used to send the video and audio signals from the original Dish Network receiver.

Attach the other ends of the RCA audio/video cables into the "Video In" ports on the television.

Power on the Dreambox receiver and the television. Select "Video" on the TV, and the Dreambox video signal loads onto the screen.