Az America S930A HD PVR satellite receiver,cheap sell wholesale discount price
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Az America S930A HD PVR satellite receiver

Az America S930A HD PVR satellite receiver

Special price: [ $70.00 ]
Az America S930A HD PVR Physical specification:

1). 1.with iks dongle and sks dongle to decode nagra 3;


3).twin tuner ;RS232 port or USB to upgrade.

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>>Az America S930A HD PVR receiver General Specifications:
Az America S930A HD PVR receiver General Specifications:

Features: * Fully DVB-S/DVB-S2/MPEG2/MPEG4/H.264/AVC Compliant
* Manual-proof User Interface and Easy-Going Remote control
* Twin Tuner PVR, Watching one channel whuke Recording another channel.
* Transporation Stream Recoding Supported.
* Multi-language OSD.
* Dual USB for Multimedia player(MP3,MP4,OGG,MKV,JPEG,BMP)
* News,Map and Weather Applications Via IP.
* Games supported
* Auto DisEqC1.1/1.2/USALS supported
* HDMI Video&Audio Output(576i,576p,720p,1080i,1080P)Unicable and MDU Supported.
* 8000TV&Radio Channel Supported
* NIT Auto Search,Blind Search,Manual Search,TP Search,AND Multi-Satellite Search.
* 7 Days EPG(Electronics Program Guide)
* Easy-going Program Editors.Tele-text and Subtitlt Supported
* PVR time Shift and Playback Supported
* Upgrading Supported by OTA,USB,FTP,and Kingofsat Web
* Data Backup Supported by USB(two USB port)
* Low Power
****************************************************************************************************************************************** Accessories:
1* User Manual
1* S930A HD satellite receiver
1* Remote Control
1* AV cable
* 1pc/gift box 10pcs/ctn
* G. Weight: 1.4kg
* Model size: 260*150*20mm